Examples of How to Increase Your Success 10% – 73%

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Marketing Case Study

Can you boost results 73%?

Here's a case study on how one of our clients boosted reactivations/acquisitions 73% without increasing their budget. The company's CMO was at risk of missing their reactivation/acquisition goal for the second straight year — a very concerning prospect for them. Download the case study to see our client’s challenge, solution and results.

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Marketing Case Study

See how AAA increased responses by 49%

Here's a case study on how one of our clients, a AAA Club, increased acquisition campaign responses by 49% and 20% over top agencies. The approach used to maximizing their campaign response rate is a tactic you may be able to use.

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Enabled 4 membership organizations to acquire 28% to 53% more members within 12 months.

Delivered 1.2 million prospects to a political fundraiser that were profitable on first solicit; all competitors were unable to get 100,000 profitable.

Slashed a major company's direct marketing budget by 20% while increasing responders 3% and profits 36%.

Increased campaign responses 10% to 60% for numerous organizations.

Boosted revenues $900,000 for a single campaign resulting in a 750% ROI.

For a digital agency, increased clicks and conversions for hundreds of ads by more than 30%.