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Our expertise, AI tools and data enable us to deliver you better insights, models and audiences quickly and inexpensively

AIM5 — Invest 30 seconds to get Amazing Insights, Models and Audiences Starting at $450

AIM5 is our 7th generation of AI Insights and Mining tool developed over 33 years. It integrates best-of-breed AI and modeling technologies with comprehensive consumer data to produce great insights and highly accurate models quickly and inexpensively.

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Gain Powerful Insights (Starting at $450)

Our 5W Insights Briefs very affordably deliver useful and easy-to-understand insights about your members, donors, customers or prospects. In many cases, we can even deliver exceptional Briefs without any data from you.

Learn more about your audiences (faster and easier than ever before) by spending just a few minutes with us to let us know who you’d like to know more about.

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* For qualified organizations only.

Discover High-Performing Audiences & Lists

By leveraging our AI tools and 3,000+ traits on consumers and donors, we create high-performing AI models, audiences and lists. We also have techniques to develop criteria that greatly increase responses and donations from third-party and your lists.

Learn about Audiences & Lists that will increase your response rates and revenues

Obtain Superior Member, Donor and Customer AI Models Fast and Less Expensively (Starting at $450)

5W’s Chief Marketing Scientists have decades of experience developing highly accurate models for some of the best marketers in the country. We have an array of proprietary data, processing techniques, AI modeling algorithms and approaches developed over more than 30 years that have repeatedly outperformed numerous analytics competitors.

Please contact us to see how we can deliver more accurate models and analyses faster and less expensively than your other alternatives.

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Capitalize on Exceptional Consumer Data & Personas

5W's Traits Consumer Database (TCDB) enables you to quickly and inexpensively benefit from among the most accurate and comprehensive data available on U.S. consumers.

You may benefit from appending our EAGLES Personas, 5W Personalities and custom segments to your data to personalize your engagements and content.

Our TCDB is based on 3,000+ demographic, attitudinal, behavioral, purchase, intent and other data on 260 million U.S. consumers.

Discover unique data that can help increase your success

Advance Your Success with "5W's Explorations"

One of the best ways to begin boosting results is to have one to three interactive meetings as a team to review your 5W's — Who to engage with What message, Where, When and Why.

During these 5W's Explorations, we discuss each of the 5W's and potential ways you may be able to increase your success based on what the best of the best are doing.

5W Explorations are led by Jerry Montgomery, 5W's CEO. He brings examples and lessons learned from 120+ organizations, such as AARP, AAA, BCBS, GE, H&R Block, a major political party, Verizon, The Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America and numerous others.

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Get Analytic Services from 5W's Chief Marketing Scientists with Decades of Experience

5W can deliver you tailored strategic consulting, analytics, content development and database marketing services to best meet your needs.

Contact us to explore whether our services can help you accelerate your success faster and less expensively than your other options.

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