4 Ways We Help Marketers and Agencies Increase Success Fast and Affordably

Add $1 Million+ in Analytics Expertise, AI Tools and Data to your capabilities starting at just $17,000 $1,490... à la carte!

Fractional Analytics & Consulting

Expand Your Capabilities Instantly with Chief Marketing Scientists, Analysts, Database Experts, AI Tools and Data Starting at $1,490...

Now you can add $1 Million+ in Analytics Expertise, AI Tools and Data to your capabilities immediately, à la carte. Imagine having a team of top analytic experts as well as a comprehensive set of AI tools, lists, audience and consumer data at your fingertips.

Not only can you capitalize on having direct access to our analytic experts, but you'll gain numerous benefits by having access to Chief Marketing Scientists with decades of experience helping many organizations increase their response, sales and clicks by 10% to 73% through advanced omnichannel campaigns. They'll be able to help you identify specific strategies and tactics that will increase your success rapidly.

Contact us to explore how 5W's experts, tools and data can help accelerate your success faster and less expensively than any other option.

5W Puzzle-Solving Sessions, Assessments & Roadmaps

Identify Specific Strategies and Tactics to Increase Your Success Quickly and Affordably

Marketers have a tremendous challenge. There are literally hundreds of puzzle pieces with thousands of possible combinations that could be used to achieve superior marketing results and capabilities within the available budget. However, most marketers do not have anyone with the experience and motivation to help them come up with a much more optimal solution.

Within just three 1-hour sessions, you and your team will learn how to increase your response rates, clicks, revenue and profits by 10% to 30% within 12 months and within your same budget. In fact, one of 5W's clients decreased their previous annual acquisition budget by 14% and through our recommendations gained 53% more customers within one year.

During the 5W Puzzle-Solving Sessions we jointly review your capabilities and discuss how you can combine your, your partners' and other third parties' capabilities (puzzle pieces) into an integrated approach that takes your marketing to the next level. The workshop is all about your 5W's: Who to engage (audiences/lists, models, segments), with What content, Where (social, display, email, mail, search, other), When (timing and frequency) and Why (reports, KPIs, projections). This amazing learning experience captures specific strategies and tactics to take your marketing to the next level.

The result of the 5W Puzzle-Solving Session is a document identifying a set of very specific recommendations that will increase your Team's success dramatically.

5W Puzzle-Solving Sessions are led by Jerry Montgomery, 5W's CEO. He brings examples and lessons learned from 150+ organizations, such as AARP, AAA, BCBS, GE, H&R Block, a major political party, Verizon, The Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America and numerous others.

For those that prefer an alternative approach to the 5W Puzzle-Solving Sessions, 5W's Team can perform a comprehensive assessment of your Team's capabilities and provide a comprehensive Roadmap to increase your success through a series of high-payoff incremental steps.

Insights Briefs, Models & AIM5 AI Tools

Get a $17,000 Insights Brief for Only $1,490

Imagine having a $17,000 analysis that gives you amazing insights into your customers, members or prospects. Now imagine that this analysis only cost you $1,490 and only took a few minutes of your time.

With 5W's Insights Briefs you can get all of the benefits of having an amazing analytics team, a license to one of the best marketing AI tools available, as well as a $200,000+ license to one of the most accurate and comprehensive databases on 260 million U.S. consumers with 3,000+ traits — à la carte, very inexpensively.

Simply contact us to learn more or get a free example Insights Brief for a product or cause related to yours.

Obtain Superior Member and Customer AI Models Fast and Less Expensively (Starting at $1,950)

5W's Chief Marketing Scientists have decades of experience developing highly accurate models for some of the best marketers in the country.

A few examples of exceptional advanced predictive models we can develop for you include lookalike, acquisition, campaign, attrition, reactivation, cross-sell, up-sell, sale or gift amount and lifetime value.

We have an array of proprietary data, processing techniques, AI modeling algorithms and approaches developed over more than 30 years that have repeatedly outperformed analytic competitors.

Contact us to see how we can deliver more accurate models and analyses faster and less expensively than your other alternatives.

You Only Need to Invest 30 Seconds to Get Amazing Insights, Models and Audiences with AIM5 — Your AI Marketing Analyst

AIM5 is 5W founders' 7th generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) mining tool developed over the past 33 years. It integrates best-of-breed machine learning and statistical modeling algorithms with 5W's Traits Consumer Database (TCDB) to give you amazing insights, highly accurate models, scored lists and other actionable information completely automatically. Our TCDB is based on 3,000+ demographic, attitudinal, behavioral, purchase, intent and other data on 260 million U.S. consumers.

Audiences, Lists & Data

Obtain High-Performing Audiences and Lists

By leveraging our AI tools and 3,000+ traits on consumers and donors, we create high-performing AI models, audiences and lists.

We also have techniques that greatly increase responses and donations from third-party and your lists by enabling you to only select those that respond the best.

Learn about Audiences & Lists that can increase your response rates and revenues

Tailor your content easily with our EAGLES Personas & Personality Types

Now you can quickly engage different Personas and Personalities more effectively, easily and affordably!

Talk with us to find out how to use our EAGLES Personas and Personality Types to increase your clicks, responses, conversions and sales for all of your digital and offline campaigns through better targeting and engagement.

Tailoring your images, headlines and copy to use only the best version for each EAGLES Persona and Personality assignment can boost your engagement metrics and revenue by 10-30% quickly.

Your First Step to Great Success

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  • Identify ways to meet your needs and estimate their potential payoff.
  • Decide whether 5W is the best company to help you.
  • Get your questions answered.
  • Define next steps.

Having helped more than 150 organizations, it's likely we'll be able to identify ways you can increase your success quickly and affordably.

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