Discover how you can acquire, retain and reactivate more donors while maximizing their value

If you're like most fundraisers, you have a very complex puzzle to solve...

"What changes can we make to WHO we engage with WHAT content, WHERE, WHEN and WHY to increase our donors and revenues substantially within our limited resources?"

Our 5W Puzzle Solving Sessions help you identify and prioritize changes to your 5Ws so you obtain more donors who are more engaged and give more.

5W Puzzle-Solving Sessions

Identify Who to engage with What content, Where, When and Why to maximize your fundraising success

Fundraisers have a tremendous challenge. There are literally hundreds of puzzle pieces with thousands of possible combinations that could be used to achieve superior fundraising results within your available budget. However, most fundraisers don't have anyone with the experience to help them come up with a much more optimal solution.

Within just three 1-hour sessions, you and your team will learn how to increase your response rates, clicks, revenue and profits by 10% to 30% within 12 months and within your same budget. In fact, one of 5W's clients decreased their previous annual acquisition budget by 14% and through our recommendations gained 53% more customers within one year.

During the 5W Puzzle-Solving Sessions we jointly review your capabilities and discuss how you can combine your, your partners' and other third parties' capabilities (puzzle pieces) into an integrated approach that takes your fundraising to the next level. The workshop is all about your 5W's: Who to engage (audiences/lists, models, segments), with What content, Where (social, display, email, mail, search, other), When (timing and frequency) and Why (reports, KPIs, projections).

The result of the 5W Puzzle-Solving Session is a presentation identifying a set of very specific recommendations that will increase your Team's success dramatically.

5W Fractional Development Services

3 Ways We Can Help You Increase Your Success Fast and Affordably

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