Insights Briefs & Models

Get a $17,000 Insights Brief for Only $1,490

Imagine having a $17,000 analysis that gives you amazing insights into your customers, members, donors or prospects. Now imagine that this analysis only cost you $1,490 and only took a few minutes of your time.

With 5W's Insights Briefs you can get all of the benefits of having an amazing analytics team, a license to one of the best marketing AI tools available, as well as a $200,000+ license to one of the most accurate and comprehensive databases on 260 million U.S. consumers with 3,000+ traits — à la carte, very inexpensively.

Simply contact us to learn more or get a free example Insights Brief for a product or cause related to yours.

Obtain Superior Member, Donor and Customer AI Models Fast and Less Expensively

5W's Chief Marketing Scientists have decades of experience developing highly accurate models for some of the best marketers in the country.

A few examples of exceptional advanced predictive models we can develop for you include lookalike, acquisition, campaign, attrition, reactivation, cross-sell, up-sell, sale or gift amount and lifetime value.

We have an array of proprietary data, processing techniques, AI modeling algorithms and approaches developed over more than 30 years that have repeatedly outperformed analytic competitors.

Contact us to see how we can deliver more accurate models and analyses faster and less expensively than your other alternatives.