Fractional Analytics & Consulting

Expand Your Fundraising Capabilities Instantly with Chief Marketing Scientists, Analysts, Database Experts, AI Tools and Data

Now you can add $1 Million+ in Analytics Expertise, AI Tools and Data to your capabilities immediately, à la carte. Imagine having a team of top analytic experts as well as a comprehensive set of AI tools, lists, audience and consumer data at your fingertips.

Not only can you capitalize on having direct access to our analytic experts, but you'll gain numerous benefits by having access to Chief Marketing Scientists with decades of experience helping many organizations increase their response, sales and clicks by 10% to 73% through advanced omnichannel campaigns. They'll be able to help you identify specific strategies and tactics that will increase your success rapidly.

Contact us to explore how 5W's experts, tools and data can help accelerate your success faster and less expensively than any other option.