5W helps Fundraisers acquire, reactivate and retain more donors while maximizing their value

Most fundraisers have a very complex puzzle to solve

"What changes can we make to WHO we engage with WHAT content, WHERE, WHEN and WHY to increase our donors and revenues substantially within our limited resources."

5W conducts 5W Puzzle Solving Sessions to identify how you can change your 5Ws to significantly increase donors and revenues and, when needed, delivers fractional services to help execute these changes quickly and affordably.

Audiences, Donor Lists & Data

Obtain High-Performing Audiences and Lists

By leveraging our AI tools and 3,000+ traits on consumers and donors, we create high-performing AI models, audiences and lists.

We also have techniques that greatly increase responses and donations from third-party and your lists by enabling you to only select those that respond the best.

Learn about Audiences & Lists that can increase your response rates and revenues

Tailor your content easily with our EAGLES Personas & Personality Types

Now you can quickly engage different Personas and Personalities more effectively, easily and affordably!

Talk with us to find out how to use our EAGLES Personas and Personality Types to increase your clicks, responses, conversions and sales for all of your digital and offline campaigns through better targeting and engagement.

Tailoring your images, headlines and copy to use only the best version for each EAGLES Persona and Personality assignment can boost your engagement metrics and revenue by 10-30% quickly.