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  • Jerry Montgomery
    Founder & CEO

    Jerry Montgomery has 39 years of management, business development, direct marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), data mining and information system development experience. He has managed all aspects of omnichannel marketing efforts including: analytics, creative, database marketing and reporting for Facebook, display, search, mobile, email and direct mail campaigns.

    Prior to founding 5W Strategists in May 2009, he was executive vice president of SIGMA Marketing Group. He managed all of SIGMA's technical personnel, including the marketing analytics, database development and IT groups.

    Jerry founded MarketMiner Inc. in 1988, served as its CEO for 17 years and grew its staff to 39 professionals. He guided its marketing, sales, data mining and development services and was the principal architect of five generations of AI-based marketing analysis and data mining tools that were purchased by more than 2,000 organizations.

    Strategic Targeting, Inc. acquired MarketMiner in September 2005. Jerry became CEO of Strategic Targeting, which was then purchased by SIGMA Marketing Group in April 2007.

    Jerry has led more than $96 million in successful AI analytic and information system projects for 150 organizations, including: General Electric, ADVO, Verizon Wireless, Assurant, United Healthcare, Charming Shoppes, Lockheed, IBM, Liberty Reverse Mortgage, Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Salvation Army, NASA and the U.S. Air Force.

    Education and Technical Expertise

    Jerry received a BS in engineering from the University of Louisville in 1980 and an MSEE as a Distinguished Graduate from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1982. His education focused on pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and advanced computer algorithms.

    His AI and data mining expertise includes applying machine learning, logistic and linear regression, neural networks, statistical/polynomial networks, decision trees, genetic algorithms, fuzzy set theory, case-based reasoning, rule-based expert systems and clustering.

    Jerry also has decades of experience performing all aspects of marketing analysis, including data hygiene, pre-processing, data mart development, data mining and analysis, test planning, campaign management and reporting. He also has direct hands-on experience with individual, household and business data from Experian, InfoUSA, V12, Acxiom, Equifax and other sources, as well as customer, transaction and other data from more than 100 companies.

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  • David Barron
    Founder & CTO

    David is 5W's CTO and was previously VP of product development at MarketMiner Inc. for 16 years. He has 23 years' experience developing complex online and offline AI, software, database and data mining applications.

    David has led the design and development of many advanced AI data mining tools and applications, some of which are listed below. He has successfully managed multi-disciplinary teams of software engineers and PhDs, with a consistent track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

    Some of the tools and applications he has led the development of include:

    • An online behavioral targeting engine that can score and select the best of 1,000 or more ads based on a variety of information about an individual website visitor.

    • MarketMiner, an AI-based marketing analytic tool resulting from $11 million in R&D investment. It implemented best-of-breed data mining technologies that include Statistical Networks, Logistic and Linear Regression, Clustering and Decision Trees. It automated the entire process of importing data, address standardization, geo-coding, preprocessing, model creation and selection, evaluation, profiling and reporting.

    •, a Web application for marketing analysis, built on top of the MarketMiner tool.

    • For ADVO (Valassis), the DART tool, for highly automated data mining and analysis of customer data for major retailers. This tool is being used to analyze data for 300 or more major retailers each year.

    • For Pitney Bowes, an address ListAnalyst tool.

    • For GE Fanuc, an expert system and database application to help properly configure sales orders for complex manufacturing controllers.

    • For a major HMO, an expert system to help detect drug claims fraud.

    • For a hedge fund, a tool that maintains an SQL database of market, fundamental and other financial data for tens of thousands of equities and other indicators, spanning 20 years of market history. On a daily basis, this system acquires and scrubs new data and compiles several proprietary index indicators, some comprising thousands of equities. The data is fed to proprietary trading models that manage millions of dollars in assets.

    • For NASA, the Telemetry Expert Analysis and Modeling tool, used for data mining and analysis of space shuttle data.

    • For various government agencies, software data mining applications for advanced diagnostics, fault detection, command-and-control and sensor validation applications.

    David has many advanced technical skills, including data mining, reporting, proficiency in numerous programming languages and expertise in data systems such as MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Vertica and Oracle.

    David graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA in philosophy in 1992.

  • Dave Smith
    Chief Marketing Scientist

    Dave is an entrepreneurial and results driven database marketing professional with 17 years of direct marketing and database marketing experience and an additional 6+ years of demographic analysis and application development expertise.

    He has held senior positions at multiple direct marketing services agencies supervising business analysts, programmers, developers, statisticians and sales support professionals and has also performed many of these roles during his career.

    Technical Expertise

    • Business and management experience including profit and loss (P&L) accountability, resource allocation, problem resolution, project management and developing budgets and cost estimates.

    • Strong technical, communication and management skills

    • Experience in managing, developing, implementing and analyzing direct and database marketing campaigns

    • Experience working on marketing campaigns for many Fortune 1,000 companies in various industries such as financial services, retail, consumer package goods, professional services and healthcare including Nationwide Insurance, Subaru, Motorola, LensCrafters, Walmart, Dell, Coca-Cola, Citibank Student Loans, Microsoft, Discover Card, DISH Network, Charter One Bank, Kodak, PacifiCare and many more

    • Led the design, implementation and management of a relational data warehouse containing over 1 billion records and 1,000+ elements on U.S. consumers used for database marketing analysis and targeting

    • Extensive experience in demographic and lifestyle profiling and research for clients in order to determine the best target audience for future direct marketing campaigns and analyzing results of past campaigns

    • Experience with SAS and SQL programming, Address Standardization, Merge / Purge and Postal Presort methods and software, data manipulation and GIS software and techniques

    • Experienced in building predictive models for use in identifying the best prospects that will respond or purchase in direct marketing campaigns for acquisition, retention and cross-sell/up-sell initiatives

    • Exceptional communicator with ability to interface with programmers, analysts, statisticians, account executives and clients to make sure that solutions meet client requirements

    • Experienced with managing vendors and negotiating contracts and pricing

    • Aptitude for managing complex projects on a large scale and motivating people to work together

  • Jamie Montgomery
    VP of Operations

    Jamie, 5W's Chief Operating Officer, has 19 years of experience in high-pace and high-stress environments as well as leadership. She is responsible for managing marketing, finance, project management (e.g., budgets and schedules), human resources, information security, vendor/partner relationships and special projects.

    She is also responsible for managing numerous client and internal projects; display, social media, email and direct mail campaigns; print production; vendors; copywriters, graphic artists, analysts and technical personnel.

    Jamie received a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science, with honors, from James Madison University in 2016.

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  • Paul Raca
    VP AI Tools and Analytics

    Paul has been constructing innovative analytic solutions to address business problems for 20 years. He has a passion for finding actionable insights and the collaboration that turns them into actions with transformative business impact. He has built and managed teams of analysts at multiple organizations, always with a focus on maximizing marketing ROI for customer acquisition and retention via automated marketing approaches.

    Prior to joining 5W, Paul led the Analytics and Database Development functions at SIGMA Data Insights. In addition to an extensive background in Financial Services, Paul has managed data management teams for the University of Rochester Medical Center and Butler/Till Media. Key clients include AAA, Avaya, Assurant, BMW, McDonalds, Nationwide Insurance, Verizon Wireless, Xerox and FMC Corporation.

    Paul holds a dual degree in Statistics and Economics from the University of Chicago and an MS in Applied Statistics from George Mason University.

  • Brent Montgomery
    Marketing Analyst

    Brent, 5W’s Marketing Analyst, has over 5 years’ experience researching consumer behavior and developing reports on consumer habits, and market trends.

    He has experience using SQL Server, MySQL, SAS, R, visual analysis tools, including Tableau, and experience developing applications in numerous programming languages, such as C#, PHP and HTML.

    Brent received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems, with a Minor in Statistics, from James Madison University.

  • Brian French
    Creative Director

    Brian, 5W's Creative Director, has 17 years of experience in creative content design, cross-channel marketing, advertising, production management and campaign management. He has developed creative content for numerous direct mail, email, Facebook, online display and paid search campaigns.

    As 5W's Creative Director, he works collaboratively with clients to develop the best product possible on time and within budget. He excels at taking loose ideas and turning them into exceptional marketing materials quickly and cost effectively.

    In addition to developing creative materials, he also excels at managing complex campaigns from beginning to end. This includes managing campaigns from conception through execution and reporting. More specifically, he works with clients to develop concepts, design alternatives, write and edit copy, obtain approvals, make inputs to list selections, plan and purchase media, manage printers, minimize print costs, execute campaigns, perform reporting and analyze results.

    He excels at personalizing and customizing content to achieve the best results for any given individual or segment. He creates exceptional copy and content for emails, landing pages, websites, online and mobile ads, paid search and direct mail. Some of his campaigns have realized exceptional results, including 4.25% to 6% response rates for lead generation mail campaigns.

    Brian received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Longwood University in 2004.

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