About 5W Insights

Our passion is to help Marketers, Fundraisers and Agencies accelerate success by delivering exceptional fractional analytic services, insights, AI tools, models, data and audiences

How We Benefit You

Most marketers and fundraisers know that changing Who to engage with What content, Where, When and Why — their 5Ws — can dramatically improve their results, even without increasing their budget. But they can use help in identifying exactly what changes to make. Having helped numerous organizations boost their success by 10% to 30%, we can help you quickly figure out better solutions to your 5W puzzles.

Many Marketers and Fundraisers also know what they need to do, but don’t have the experienced analysts, tools or data to get it done or the large budget necessary to outsource it. By providing great fractional analytics, tools and data at an affordable price, you will essentially have $1,000,000+ in advanced capabilities à la carte. For example, you can get amazing Insights Briefs and models starting at $1,490 that many agencies would charge you $17,000 or more to do for you.

Working with 5W you’ll have these services as an integral part of your capabilities:

  • Fractional analytics and consulting
  • 5W Puzzle-Solving Sessions, Assessments & Roadmaps
  • Insights Brief, Models and AIM5 AI Tools
  • Audiences, Lists and Data

... All at a quality level and price no other company can compete with, just try us.

You’ll benefit from our experts who have helped more than 150 organizations increase their success, such as AAA, AARP, American Addiction Centers, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, H&R Block, Valassis, numerous agencies and nonprofits.

What Defines Us

We are brutally honest and will always act in your best interest. We pride ourselves on delivering among the best strategic and tactical advice, models, insights, reports, information systems and creative materials in the industry. We use the best tools available, apply innovative techniques and have a proven methodology to advance our clients' success incrementally through a series of high-payoff steps.

5W was founded in 2009 by Jerry Montgomery and David Barron with the goal of helping direct marketers maximize their success by optimizing their 5 W's — Who to engage, with What content, Where, When and Why. We accomplish this through a unique mix of experience, advanced machine learning and data mining algorithms, data and direct marketing acumen.

Our key employees have delivered value to more than 150 organizations and led over $100 million in marketing analytics, data mining, advanced decision system and database development projects.

Our Unique Advantages

  1. Our integrity and commitment to deliver you value
  2. Decades of experience optimizing marketers' 5W's: Who to engage with What content, Where, When and Why
  3. Rare mix of omnichannel direct marketing, business, database, creative and analytic knowhow gained from helping more than 150 organizations
  4. AIM5® — Your AI marketing analyst
  5. Our 5W Insights Briefs
  6. Our Traits Consumer Database (TCDB) with more than 3,000 traits on 260 Million consumers
  7. Our unique proprietary techniques and knowhow developed over many decades and our willingness to share them with our clients
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